A Brighter, Lighter Kokomo Event Center Awaits You!

Kokomo Event Center

Huston’s Electrical Service Division recently provided an LED retro-fit at the Kokomo Event Center
and the stats on cost savings are incredible!  They are saving 170-watts per fixture, increasing the
life expectancy of each fixture by 82,000 hours, and received a $238 rebate per fixture from
Duke Energy.  For a complete breakdown please see below.

Existing Metal Halide Fixtures:

  • Qty. 120
  • 400-watt Metal Halides
  • 40 foot candles
  • Average life of lamps 18,000 hours

Color rendering index 62

New LED Fixtures:

  • Qty. 120
  • 230-watt LED High Bays
  • 75 foot candles
  • Average life of LEDs 100,000 hours
  • Color rendering index 80

Annual Energy Savings:

  • $11,983 energy saved per year
  • Based on 10 cents per kilowatt hour burning at 3,744 hours per year

Local Utility Energy Incentive:

  • $238 – per fixture
  • $238 x 120 fixtures = $28,560 total rebate amount from local utility Duke Energy

For information on lighting retro-fits and energy savings for your home or business contact Dennis Lane at [email protected] or reach him at the Huston office 765-457-9137.

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