A Residential Control Project Like No Other

In my 10 years of audio video work and programming Control4 systems I have had the opportunity to do some incredible, very fun, interesting, projects.
I’ve designed and installed systems for residences, restaurants, offices, and conference rooms.  Each one had their own unique objective with different aspects of
AV and automation control.  As comprehensive and technologically advanced as many of them have been, none of them quite had it all.  
It just hadn’t happened… until now.

From time to time in everyone’s career there comes a project or assignment that stands out.  
A dream job.  A unicorn.  My dream job came about in the form of a 14,000 square foot mansion on
the outskirts of Lafayette. When I first saw the prints and sheer scope of the job I was in awe and
must admit a bit intimidated. While I had done work in large, elegant homes before, nothing had really
measured up to the scale of this home. However large it seemed, I wasn’t going to let the opportunity
pass me by and was up for the challenge. After many hours of design work and meetings with Control4
and the client, they ultimately accepted our proposals over our competitors’.  The work was completed
over two years and was a success. I’ve been very pleased with how the system has turned out and
more importantly the client has been as well. Here are some of the features this full blown Control4
smart home has to offer. 

Whole House Lighting
The home has Control4’s wired lighting system. I programmed 26 modules with 8 circuits each.
There are over 60 wired low voltage keypads with over 200 buttons that had to be programmed
individually. Each button has its own custom label.

Whole House Audio
Sixteen independent audio zones can be controlled together or separately through Control4 a
matrix switch and amplifiers. This includes outdoor and landscape audio. The system can stream
applications such as Spotify and Pandora and they even have built in Airplay to stream from
an iPhone or Apple device.

Whole House Video
The home has a Control4 HDMI 4K matrix switch that distributes up to 10 different sources to
one of seven Sony XBR televisions in the home. Universal remote controls give easy access to
source selection. All sources such as cable boxes and Apple TVs are hidden away in the server
cabinet and need never be visible to the user.  Two televisions are also installed with an
automated TV lift that hides the TV in a cabinet when it is turned off.

Dedicated Home Theater
A high-end Sony home theater receiver distributes quality audio to Paradigm Millenia pro audio
speakers and subwoofer. Video is displayed on a 75” Sony XBR.

Home Network
A robust Luxul business class router communicates with all the Control4 devices. Seven indoor
Wi-Fi access points and one outdoor Wi-Fi access point give excellent wireless coverage
throughout the home. A wireless controller has also been installed for seamless handoff of
devices for AP to AP. A powerful, robust, and reliable network is crucial for a
successful Control4 installation.

Touch Screens
Six wired touch screens and three wireless touch screens are distributed in key locations for
entire system control. The touch screens also act as a whole-home intercom system also.

Door Stations
Doorbell intercoms are installed at the front gate and two door entrances. They are also
integrated with intercom system and touch screens.

Gate Control
The front security gate can be opened through the Control4 system.

HVAC Integration
Nest thermostats and smoke alarms are connected to Control4.

Security System Integration
An Interlogix security system is integrated for alarm system control from any touch screen.

Nine security cameras were installed and can be viewed remotely or through the
Control4 touch screens.

Fireplace Control
Two gas fireplaces can be turned on and off through the Control4 system.

Garage Door Control
The garage doors are integrated with the system.

Pool Control
Pool temperature and filtration control are integrated.

Remote Access
The entire system can be remotely controlled from Mumbai.

So yeah… I’ve been busy. It was an amazing endeavor and it was so fun! The builder
and the client were fantastic to work with which made it all the better. The experience was
invaluable and raised me to an entirely new level in the field of home control and automation.
I’m happy to take the knowledge forward in to new projects of any size.

Blog by Nate Cushman Custom Electronics Integrator & Master Installer.



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