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Precision Engineered Solutions For Uninterrupted Power And Performance


Huston Electric, a leading provider of turnkey electrical solutions since 1939, offers a specialized division for dependable generators. Our rich heritage underscores our commitment to delivering robust, efficient solutions that ensure uninterrupted operations in challenging conditions.

In a landscape where operational consistency is key, having reliable generators and compressors is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. Huston Electric, a trusted provider in delivering turnkey electrical solutions, presents its dedicated division for Generators and Compressors. With a rich heritage dating back to 1939, our tradition of excellence extends to providing robust, reliable, and efficient generators and compressors to ensure your operations continue unimpeded, even in the face of adversities.

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Comprehensive Generator and Compressor Solutions

Ensuring a consistent power supply and operational efficiency is paramount. At Huston Electric, we provide an extensive range of generator and compressor services, tailored to meet the distinctive needs of different commercial and residential setups.

Equipment Installation

Our installation service ensures you receive not only the right equipment but also a seamless installation experience. Our seasoned technicians ensure that your generator or compressor is installed to meet the highest safety and operational standards.

Controls Troubleshooting

Controls are the nerve center of your generator and compressor systems. Our adept technicians offer thorough troubleshooting to identify and rectify control issues, ensuring your systems operate efficiently and reliably.

24 7 Emergency Service

In the event of an unexpected issue, our 24/7 emergency service provides prompt response and resolution. Our technicians are on standby to address any emergencies, minimizing downtime and ensuring your operations resume smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Preventive maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of your generators and compressors. Our maintenance agreements are designed to provide regular check-ups and necessary upkeep to avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure continuous operation.

Why Choose Huston for all your Generator Needs

For over 8 decades, our skilled technicians have provided exceptional service to Indiana homeowners and businesses. You can trust that our expertise guarantees the highest quality of generator installation, service, and repair.  We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. 

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Building Relationships Through Trust and Excellence

With a robust construction portfolio and a team of over 300 professionals, our reputation is built on strong industry relationships and a deep-rooted commitment to community. We believe our success is intertwined with the trust and support of the communities and industries we serve. Our history of forming valuable partnerships stands as a reflection of our dedication to exceeding expectations with top-tier products and services.

Bob Foley
Bob Foley
October 7, 2023
Our generator needed attention and our previous installer doesn't seem to have a guy for that anymore. Houston sounded like a good alternative from the reviews here so I called. Tom was in, took my call and listened to every detail I could provide. He immediately told me exactly what to do and it turned out he was absolutely correct. Thanks Tom!
October 4, 2023
My wife and I are thrilled with the work Houton Electric performed in our home. Abe the electrician did a great job. He did not rush or hurt our home. HOUSTON ELECTRIC IS AN EXCELLENT COMPANY WITH GOOD WORKERS AND ALWAYS THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM. Thank you Jason Houton for running a quality company. Thank you, Bruno and Helen 5 stars!
Chris C
Chris C
October 3, 2023
Amazing electric company and I'm very thankful for their great prices!!
Brian Russell
Brian Russell
September 16, 2023
Solid electrical company, but the also do signs and probably done other stuff too!
Susan Nesbitt
Susan Nesbitt
August 19, 2023
Helpful and courteous employee who answered phone.
Larry Hayes
Larry Hayes
August 18, 2023
Huston Electric is our electrical contractor of choice and we've been in the general contracting business for over 40 years. Top not h company

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