Huston Electric Upgrades Lighting In Milestone’s Lafayette Location

Huston Electric recently upgraded the lighting in Milestone’s Lafayette location. Their 12 existing 1100 watt metal halide fixtures were inefficient and expensive to operate, costing them over $5,000 a year! We installed new 400 watt Cooper Lighting HBLED fixtures, for a utility cash rebate of over $1,000. The energy savings for these new fixtures will be over $3,000 a year, not to mention maintenance savings of $1,500 since they will never have to change a lamp.

Cooper Lighting HBLED fixture

Milestone Contractors provide construction services for all phases of highway construction and site development throughout the state of Indiana.   Having the ability to be the sole contractor needed for the job is a great source of pride for them, and they strive to deliver intricate projects on time and within budget without compromising safety.

Saving money isn’t the only way these new LED fixtures will benefit Milestone. LED lights turn on immediately, with no wait time. The old metal halide lamps took up to 15 minutes to warm up before reaching their full light output. No more standing around waiting every morning for the lights to fire up, Milestone employees can now get to work right away. They will also have a brighter and safer work environment with the LED lighting, which has been proven to increase morale and productivity.

build1.jpgMilestone shop during the lighting upgrade. The rectangular fixtures are new LED, round fixtures are
old metal halide.

The difference in light quality
is easy to see.

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