Huston gives back—powering the Haynes Apperson Festival and recognizing sponsors.

Since 1977, Kokomo has held the Haynes Apperson Festival in commemoration of the pioneer auto company of the same name.  The company was founded by Elwood Haynes and brothers Elmer and Edgar Apperson.  Haynes-Apperson Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1896-1905.  It was the first automobile manufacturer in Indiana, and among the first in the United States.  Elwood Haynes was the inventor of stainless steel and stellite, and many of the early advances in automobile technology were first invented by the company. The Haynes Apperson Festival has become one of Kokomo’s premier events, with visitors traveling in each year for the holiday weekend fun.

Paul Wyman, event coordinator and Chairman of the Haynes Apperson Board, was pleased with the work provided by Huston Electric.  “Huston is a great supporter of the local community.  They provide Jeff Isaac, a local IBEW Journeyman Electrician to get the power up and running smooth for our vendors and does a great job.  Huston also provided our large 7’w x 15’w sponsor banners that were installed to hide the speaker towers.  In addition, this year they added 17’ h flag banners for additional sponsorship recognition.  We greatly appreciate their support every year.”

Matt Boor, President of Huston’s Sales and Services Divisions went on to add, “We truly enjoy supporting the Haynes Apperson Festival.  Paul, the Board of Directors and all of the volunteers work diligently to put on a great festival each and every year.  The quality of the vendors and musicians get better each and every year.  Everyone at Huston believes that using our time and talents to help those around us is one of the most important things we can do as a company.  Business support is essential for the continued success of community events and we are proud to be invited to help.  They can always count on Huston’s support.

Huston Inc. was founded in 1939 and has divisions specializing in electrical contracting and service, home and business automation, smart boards, lighting retrofits, telecommunications, visual communications and signage, generators and compressors.  Huston Electric has four locations including Lafayette, Kokomo and Westfield, IN.  To learn more about Huston’s products and services, please visit



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