Huston Helps Family Psychiatric Center With New Lettering For Their Current Monument Sign

Not Everything Goes According to Plan…

Huston helped Family Psychiatric Center with new lettering for their monument sign at the end of 2016, but not everything went according to plan. 
Family Psychiatric Center had an existing monument-style sign with wooden letters and they asked us to provide new painted aluminum letters of their new logo. 

We started by removing their letters and providing an aluminum substrate that was covered in print vinyl to match the paint color of their building. 
This served as a new, clean surface to mount the letters onto.  Well, our color matching wasn’t spot on so the backer panel looked a bit yellow in comparison to their tan building facade.  We did another color match and this time we got it just right and laid new vinyl over the backer panel which looked great. 
Then, when we went to install their new aluminum letters we found something else was wrong — they were WAY TOO SMALL. 
We apologized for our error and immediately found our mistake in sizing and re-ordered the correct size letters. 
Since the new letters were going to take about two weeks to come in, we applied cut vinyl lettering of their logo to the backer panel
so their business would have identification in the meantime.

While we don’t often make mistakes, we are sure to remedy them as quickly as possible and with no cost to the customer. 
Our contacts at Family Psychiatric Center were incredibly understanding and gracious during this time. 
We are happy to report that the new letters that came in were a perfect fit and were a wonderful improvement from where we started!

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