Huston Receives 2015 Reader’s Choice Award for the category “Best Electrician”!

On November 13, 2015 the Journal & Courier listed Huston Electric, Inc. as the winner of the2015 Reader’s Choice Award for the category “Best Electrician”.  We are so thankful to have received this award for the last 5 years, since “Best Electrician” has been a category.

We were founded in 1939 by Donald and Julia Huston.  They worked out of a small office and barn located on Markland Ave. in Kokomo, Indiana.  Don got his start doing small electrical work while Julia prepared and delivered the billings after a day of teaching school.  At the start of WWII, Don had some copper wire on hand.  This was an integral part of being able to do electrical work as copper wire was rationed for the war, but because he had stock he could replace it as he used it.  In the early 70’s his son, David Huston, took over and ran the company as President & CEO before he passed away in 1997.  It was around this time that Huston opened an office in Lafayette.  Jon and Jason Huston currently manage our Lafayette location and are highly involved in the local community.  In recent years we have expanded by opening a YESCO Franchise, and office in Westfield, and a large format printing division in Lafayette – Eight38 Graphics.

Our roots are firmly planted in electrical contracting, but over the years Huston has expanded to offer our customers
a wide variety of services.  We have divisions in generators and compressors, telecommunications, signs and services, Control4 home and business automation and SMART interactive displays.  Our customers appreciate that we are able to help them with so many of their home and business needs, while having employees that are knowledgeable in
their specific division to ensure that the customer is getting the best service we can provide.

We owe our success to our hardworking employees and our phenomenal customer base. Our employees have engaged themselves in the community and have had the opportunity to really become a part of this amazing area. This community has embraced us and allowed us every opportunity to grow and serve and we couldn’t be more grateful!

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