Huston Upgrades Rieth Riley’s Asphalt Plant Lighting

Rieth-Riley is an industry leader in asphalt and concrete paving, site preparation and excavation, bridge construction, and underground utility installation . Because they supply asphalt to a huge area, there is constant traffic through the plant at all hours of day and night. They simply don’t have time for inefficient exterior safety lighting, so they called Huston Electric for a much-needed upgrade.

Their 15 existing outdoor security lights were 500 watt halogen light fixtures. Not only did these lights cost around $3,200.00  to operate, they are  40 to 60 feet in the air. The height of the fixtures makes maintenance dangerous and very expensive.

Huston Electric replaced the outdated fixtures with LEDTRONICS energy efficient 150 watt LED light fixtures. These lights will be virtually maintenance free, eliminating that cost altogether. Because they are energy efficient, the new bulbs will save Rieth-Riley over $2,200 a year in energy costs. In addition to the money savings, these lights will increase plant safety by casting a brighter, cleaner light.

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