Huston’s John Armstrong becomes Axis Certified Professional!

Who is AXIS Communications?

 AXIS is the market leader in the network video industry and specializes both in analog and digital video surveillance systems.  AXIS has tens of thousands of partners in 179 countries and distributors in 70 countries worldwide.  The mission of the company is to make the world a safer and more secure place.  Axis specializes in the production of network video solutions that rely on revolutionary, open technical platforms.  AXIS was the first company to launch a network camera in 1996, shifting from analog to digital and developing the video surveillance systems as we know them today.  AXIS now produces applications, video encoders, network cameras and a variety of accessories for video surveillance systems.

Axis Certification Program

Axis Certification Program ensures students have expert-level knowledge of Axis products. It gives them in-depth knowledge of network video topics that turn Axis Certified Professionals (and the businesses they work for) into sought after experts. The scope of Axis Certification Program goes far beyond just Axis products and certifies comprehensive knowledge of network video, networking, system design, and installation.

Benefits of the certification include:

  • The Axis Certified Professional serves as a comprehensive knowledge indicator of the latest network video technologies, solutions, and best-practice design & implementation techniques.
  • Axis Certified Professionals are highly regarded by their peers and colleagues for their competence. They are recognized by system architects and consultants who require Axis Certified Professionals in large projects.
  • Axis certification is a unique differentiator for end-users when selecting their video surveillance provider.

How does this benefit Huston?

Completing my ACP Certification from AXIS gives me the product and design knowledge to install advanced IP surveillance solutions. Axis Certification Program also gives us concrete proof that we have the knowledge and skills needed to bid on bigger and more complex projects – and to do a better job on the ones we land. Customers can be assured that they are in good hands when working with Huston on their security needs. Huston will now be listed on and will be promoted on their social media platforms and we will qualify for “silver” purchasing levels which will reduce our purchasing costs and increase our profitability.

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