SMART Technologies Does it again!

The most advanced member of the hugely successful SMART kapp product family, kapp iQ is a sleek, ultra-high-definition display that enables game-changing collaboration for meeting rooms, breakout spaces, offices and classrooms. SMART kapp iQ combines the simplicity of the “walk-up-and-use” practice of the original SMART kapp whiteboard with an incredible, multi-way, multi-device collaborative experience.

Like the original SMART kapp, kapp iQ simply connects via any Android or iOS device. Users can then invite any Web-enabled device to join for unrivalled, real-time collaboration. Anything written on the display is shared in real-time with anyone, anywhere in the world. The magic with SMART kapp iQ is that participants can collaborate and contribute back in real time by making notes on their devices that immediately display in the collaboration session – making it the only multi-way, interactive display that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of an ultra-high definition display.

This magical experience is accomplished without the need for IT involvement or the need to connect to a corporate network, meaning SMART kapp iQ is less costly to maintain than most front of the room displays. And just like SMART kapp, kapp iQ uses the existing SMART kapp app, but with upcoming iQ premium features, such as digital inking over content. In addition, because SMART kapp iQ uses the same panel technology as the SMART Board 6000 series, many existing customers will be able to retrofit their boards to acquire the power of kapp iQ.

“With kapp iQ, SMART is combining the simplicity of the whiteboard with the utility of a front of room display that often is left unused,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal, ZK Research. “It’s a unique solution that helps the agile worker collaborate easily whether it’s ad-hoc or a formal sit-down session.”

“Our new SMART kapp iQ display brings incredibly simple, walk up and use whiteboarding, multi-way sharing, and collaboration,” says Neil Gaydon, president and CEO, SMART Technologies. “It embraces and connects the modern world, where multiple devices with different operating systems are in constant use. We are excited that it is going to revolutionize the regular meeting display and collaboration experience.”

The SMART Kapp IQ is available in June. Contact Joel Fenske at Huston Electric to Pre order yours today.

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