Thursday, 09 May 2019 14:15

OP Nutrition Feed Pellet Mill

Name: OP Nutrition Feed Pellet Mill
Owner: Indiana Packers
Location:Peru, IN
Industry: Agriculture
Huston’s Role: Electrical Contractor, Design/ Build
Description: Swine Feed Mill
Project size: 45 acres and a 30,000 square feet facility with production space that yields 4,800 tons of feed per week.


A new feed mill near Peru is up and running as part of Indiana Packers Corporation’s push to expand into the swine-feed industry.

OP Nutrition, which is owned by Delphi-based Indiana Packers, built the $24-million facility on 45 acres of land in the North Miami Industrial Park, which includes four structures totaling around 30,000 square feet of building space.

The facility can generate 4,800 tons of feed per week with a staff of 12 working in the double-shift facility, according to a release. It started operations earlier this month.

OP Nutrition is purchasing corn from local farmers and adding nutrients to the raw ingredients to produce high-quality, traceable feed for hogs owned by Oracle Pork, which is a division of Indiana Packers.

The company expects to produce approximately 250,000 tons of feed annually, most of which will be distributed to farms within 70 miles of Peru by contracted truck drivers.

The Miami County Council last year approved a 10-year tax abatement for the project, which grants a 70-percent reduction on tax payments every year for a decade.

Jim Tidd, executive director for the Miami County Economic Development Authority, said the new feed mill will provide a boost to not only the county, but the economy of the entire region.

“This project was a model of what public-private collaboration can look like in business, and we’re excited for how this facility will further localize our farm-to-manufacturer chain by providing a major buyer for area-farmer’s grain, and in turn providing high-quality feed for area hog farmers,” he said in a release.

Indiana Packers is a fully integrated pork processor that sources from nearby farms. The company manufactures and distributes a variety of products such as fresh pork, bacon and processed hams throughout the U.S. and to more than 25 countries worldwide.



$2,313,000.00 total value

Job consisted of Grain Elevators, Grain Silos, Truck Scales, Pellet Mills, Boiler, Large Mixers, HVAC Units, MV transformers, 480volt Gear, Motor Control Centers, VFDs, Soft Starts, LED Lighting, motors, control devices, rigid conduit for feeders and controls.