Tipton County Fairgrounds are really “getting the word out” with their new electronic message center!

The Tipton County Fairgrounds are really “getting the word out” with their new electronic message center!  What better way to advertise their special events than with this awesome new digital sign?!  

The Fairgrounds previously had a static sign with changeable plastic letters so they were only able to advertise one message at a time.  Now with the new Daktronics electronic message center they can change their message every few seconds to inform the community of their events.

Huston Electric’s Account Executive, Samantha Milburn, worked with Lary Graves of the Tipton County Fairgrounds on the planning of this project.  Lary felt a digital sign would be a great way for the Fairgrounds to let more people in the community know about the various events they host throughout the year.  He was tired of having to change the plastic letters on the old sign and knew that a digital sign would get more attention.  Because so many businesses in Tipton utilize the Fairgrounds’ indoor and outdoor facilities they have come to have close relationships with many of these business owners.  Lary thought some of these businesses would be interested in sponsoring the new digital sign so he approached several of them with the idea and it was a hit!  In return for their sponsorship Lary decided to display these sign sponsors’ logos or business names on the aluminum portion of the sign as well as market their information digitally on the sign.

Huston removed the previous sign and provided and installed the new Daktronics electronic message center, ID cabinet with painted sign faces reading “TIPTON COUNTY”, and black aluminum shrouding with sponsor decals.  We also provided wireless radios to communicate with the sign and trained on how to use the software.  

If you feel your business could benefit by advertising your products, specials, and sales on a new electronic message then please contact Samantha Milburn at [email protected].

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