Huston plays big roll in installing Ross Ade Stadium Lights!

Huston Electric installed 15 light poles with 320 LED sports lighting fixtures to complete this 5.6 million project on Purdue University’s Ross-Ade Stadium over the course of three months.

LOCATION: Purdue University, Ross Ade Stadium,  West Lafayette, Ind.


  1. Electrical Power
  2. Stadium Lighting Installation
  3. Lighting Controls
  4. Prefabrication


Huston Electric had the opportunity to light Purdue’s Ross Ade Football Stadium for the first Purdue Home Football game, September 8th, under new LED lights. 

Huston worked with Wilhelm Construction to complete a $5.6 million dollar project that will allow Purdue’s football team to now host night games. The university approved the project once the Big Ten Network gave the go ahead.

Doug May, Wilhelm Construction Superintendent on the project, worked alongside Huston’s team and said this was the first time he worked with Huston Electric, and he was very impressed with the team’s professionalism and proactive attitudes.

“This was my first time working with Huston and I would work with them again. They were very good about sticking to the tight deadline and working out design problems that could potentially impact the schedule,” May said.

The project consisted of:

  • 15 light poles, 11 that span the east side of the stadium and one in each of the four corners of the field.  
  • Ribbon-style lighting will connect the 11 east-side poles and will be replicated on the west side, attached to a new 360-foot catwalk atop the Ross-Ade Pavilion.
  • 320 LED sports lighting fixtures, each one individually controllable via a DMX control system, which will allow for full remote adjustment options. There will be 140 diodes per fixture, for an approximate total of 45,000 diodes.

The lights will yield 320,000 total watts of power and more than 36 million lumens of light output. The first night game took place on September 8th, with no further night games scheduled at this time.



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