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As technological innovation continues to evolve, embracing advanced technology solutions is not just an option, but a necessity. Huston Tech, a specialized division of Huston Electric, excels in guiding this technological evolution for diverse sectors including commercial, educational, and industrial realms. With roots dating back to 1939, our legacy of exceptional service perfectly integrates into our modern technological offerings, ensuring your transition to sophisticated systems is efficient, professional, and transformative.

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Huston Tech's Expertise in Communication and Network Infrastructure Services

Huston Tech excels in creating advanced communication and network infrastructures, vital for today's interconnected world.

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As an authorized representative, Huston Tech provides access to top-tier manufacturers, guaranteeing quality and authenticity in every product.

Design Services

Huston Tech offers comprehensive services in design and engineering, ensuring innovative solutions tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

Sign Installation

Huston Tech specializes in seamless and efficient equipment installation, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Sign Maintenance Repairs

Huston Tech provides reliable ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of installed systems.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Huston Tech excels in programming and commissioning, ensuring smooth integration and operation of systems.

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Communication and network infrastructure Solutions

Huston Tech is dedicated to enhancing safety and security through innovative technological solutions.

C/MATV systems cater to large-scale video distribution needs, ensuring high-quality transmission across facilities.

Example: Suitable for hotels or resorts needing centralized TV services.

DAS solutions enhance mobile connectivity and coverage, particularly in large or complex buildings.

Example: Indispensable in stadiums or hospitals where consistent mobile network coverage is vital for communication and safety.

These systems form the backbone of your network infrastructure, offering high-speed and reliable connectivity.

Example: Essential for data-intensive operations like tech companies and universities where fast data transfer is critical.

Our V/D services are central to modern communication, providing robust and scalable solutions for voice and data transmission.

Example: Ideal for businesses requiring efficient internal and external communication networks, such as call centers or corporate offices.

WAPs provide flexible and convenient wireless connectivity, essential for modern, mobile-first environments.

Example: Crucial in settings like cafes or libraries where users require seamless internet access on the go.

Advanced Safety and Security Systems Solutions

Huston Tech is dedicated to enhancing safety and security through innovative technological solutions.

BDAs boost signal strength in buildings, ensuring clear, reliable communication for emergency services.

Example: Crucial in large structures like malls or hospitals, where communication clarity can be a matter of life and death.

ACS ensure secure entry management, controlling who can access different areas.

Example: Key for environments like data centers or residential communities where controlled access is paramount.

IC systems streamline visitor management with secure and efficient communication at entry points.

Example: Beneficial for multi-tenant buildings or gated communities, where verifying visitor identity is essential.

ERRCS facilitate seamless communication for first responders during emergencies.

Example: Vital in high-risk areas such as schools or government buildings for coordinated response efforts.

Our FA/EVAC systems provide timely alerts and clear evacuation instructions during fire emergencies.

Example: Indispensable in public spaces like theaters or office buildings to guide people to safety efficiently.

These systems provide robust protection against unauthorized entry and potential security breaches.

Example: Critical for securing sensitive areas like banks or research facilities.

VSS/CCTV systems offer comprehensive monitoring for enhanced security and surveillance.

Example: Essential in places like retail stores or parking lots for deterrence and incident recording.

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Communication and Audio Solutions

Huston Tech specializes in a range of advanced communication and audio systems, designed to meet various institutional and commercial needs.

AV systems offer a dynamic way to present information and engage audiences in commercial settings.

Example: Indispensable in conference centers or educational institutions for interactive presentations.

PA systems facilitate broad-reach audio communication, ideal for public announcements in large spaces.

Example: Crucial in environments like shopping centers or hospitals for efficient information dissemination.

Huston Tech also provides professional audio systems for specialized audio needs.

Example: Suitable for venues like concert halls or theaters where high-quality sound production is essential.

These systems are essential for seamless communication and time management in educational settings.

Example: Key in schools for announcements and class changes, ensuring a well-coordinated academic environment.

These systems improve speech privacy and reduce noise distractions in open or crowded spaces.

Example: Beneficial in open-plan offices or customer service centers to enhance focus and confidentiality.

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In a world where technological needs are constantly evolving, securing your operations is paramount. By choosing Huston Tech’s advanced technology solutions, you’re not just acquiring equipment – you’re ensuring a future-proofed, secure environment. Ready to enhance your technological capabilities? Our experts are here to understand your needs and fortify your operations with cutting-edge solutions.