Marble The Steakhouse Receives Grand Sign Package

Do you want your signs to stand out above the rest with quality design and craftsmanship? 
Look no further, Huston can deliver on all of your signage needs! 

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Our most recent example of this can be seen at the new Marble The Steakhouse located in downtown Kokomo. 

We provided two wall signs and a perpendicular sign all with flanged edges, dimensional lettering, and digitally printed graphics of the cow logo.  The flanged edges help give the signs depth as opposed to just doing a flat sign panel.  The dimensional lettering is a sophisticated way of displaying the lettering for “MARBLE” “THE STEAKHOUSE” and the digitally printed cow logo really adds to the character of the signage.

Along with the building signs, we also made a cut-out cow from PVC and applied digitally printed vinyl over it and hung it over their kitchen door.  We did another digitally printed cow logo on an old-fashioned electrical box and applied vinyl to three exterior doors using their logo with the hours of operation, “Please Use Main Door”, and “Employee Entrance”. 

Just like Marble is a “cut above” other steakhouses, we feel the same about the signs we provide.  Many competitors in the sign industry may offer a cheaper price, but the materials will reflect that as well.  We offered these attractive signs to Marble at an affordable price, but went the extra mile in recommending better materials to help them visually communicate their quality brand.

We love helping our customers stand out in the community with great looking signs!  Call us for your next sign project and we’ll be glad to help you with logo design and will provide on-site renderings of what your new signage could look like on your property.  From there, we’ll discuss material options so you can make an educated decision on what works best for you and your budget.  Huston’s sign team also handles all sign permits through the local municipalities so you never have to worry about the paperwork to have your signs permitted.  Huston offers the best signs and customer experience & we can’t wait to work with you on your next sign project!


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