WiFi For Your Winter Wonderland

Many people have an under performing ISP provided wireless gateway modem/router combo
sitting in their basement or office. Family members who are far away from it are always complaining
how the internet is too slow or down.

Even when you move to the other side of the house the signal speed isn’t really that great. Many of these basic devices provided by your internet provider offer economic, easy solutions but not the best performance quality.  Installing your own router can help but still may struggle through floors and walls. WIFI signal functions like sound waves.  You wouldn’t want to listen to your sound system through three walls, right? Therefore, adding additional wireless access points in the house can tremendously improve your wireless experience. A robust dual band AC gigabit router with a built-in wireless controller can even hand off your devices from point to point as you move around your house. Your devices won’t remain connected to a faraway access point resulting in seamless roaming through-out your home.  The wireless specification means that the network equipment has support for the latest 802.11 ac networking standard, which offers faster WIFI network connections on the 5GHz frequency. The dual band feature maintains support for legacy 2.4Ghz devices. Also, if you have a guest house, garage, or boat dock you can even network wirelessly across the distance with a wireless bridge. Huston Tech uses quality residential system brands such as Pakedge, Araknis, Ubiquiti, and Luxul to provide you with a high performance and reliable home network. For Christmas this year, consider giving you and your family a reliable and robust wireless experience.

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